2008 m. vasario 11 d., pirmadienis

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Po gero mėnesio pertraukos, vėl krūvelė naujienų (kai kurios tikrai teikia optimizmo):

UK: BBC using GNU/Linux to replace tape storage by disks [07 February 2008]
CH: 'Federal government should consider national Open Source policy' [07 February 2008]
LU: New non profit organisation wants Luxembourg to increase Open Source use [07 February 2008]
EU: Conference to research Open Source and education [07 February 2008]
RU: Russian Schools begin using GNU/Linux [05 February 2008]
FR: Police migrates 70.000 desktops to GNU/Linux [31 January 2008]
SL: Open Source Internet strategy for gerontology research centre [31 January 2008]
EU: EU publishes public license in 22 languages, considers upgrade [31 January 2008]
FR: Government economic commission recommends Open Source [29 January 2008]
ES: University of Zaragoza promotes Open Source [29 January 2008]
FR: Guide for governmental use of Open Source [24 January 2008]
EU: Organisation to represent Open Source SMEs [24 January 2008]
NL: Monitor to ensure openness of public IT [22 January 2008]
DK: Denmark to study effect on competition of ODF and Ooxml [22 January 2008]
BG: Government to study public use of Open Source [17 January 2008]
IT: Ministry asked to clarify spending on Open Source [17 January 2008]